Our aim is to increase the number of women in senior roles

We have significant experience in designing and delivering bespoke workshops, executive coaching and personal profiling unashamedly addressing the development needs of women.

We work in partnership with organisations committed to developing the career and leadership potential of their female professionals.

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Our development model

Our development model is robust and credible.

We focus on developing the 4Cs of Confidence, Communication, Contribution and Credibility.

Research shows that the lack of any one of these holds women back from achieving their potential.

Our workshops, webinars, personal profiling and executive coaching are all informed by our 4C development model



We design each workshop to be energising, engaging and future focused. The style is one of collaboration, support and challenge.

Feedback highlights how our workshops create the perfect learning environment.

We use business actors at our workshops that have a high skills development content.

See a sample of our workshops here.
Executive coaching

Executive coaching

Coaching is a powerful and flexible development process.

Coaching is ideal if you want a 1-1 bespoke development programme. Coaching enables you to engage in a confidential, challenging, yet supportive discussion to address specific and personal development needs.

Sessions are typically 90 minutes and held every 4-6 weeks. Timings can be organised to fit in with busy schedules.

Career development

Personal profiling

Research on women’s leadership development confirms that really ‘knowing yourself’ is fundamental to raising self awareness and developing the skills to progress.

At CSW we offer personal profiling using our unique 360 Feedback Impact Profile exclusively designed for women. This 360 tool gathers feedback in relation to our 4C development model.

We also use Myers Briggs, Career Tactics and Career Drivers profiling tools.

Our 4Cs Philosophy

In our research with senior women, a number of themes have emerged as the ones most likely to hinder women's ability to move onward and upward within their organisations.

Women holding laptop


The most prevalent theme was 'Confidence'. Why is confidence a seemingly female issue and, more importantly, why does it hold women back? Comparison with other women, self doubt and the need for approval seems to be at the heart of confidence leaving many women particularly exposed to the feelings of "Am I good enough?", "Will I be found out?", "What if he/she doesn't like me?"

We'll help you to be Confident when it matters by helping you to keep self doubt at bay, believe in what you have to offer, 'claim' what you are good at and be 'bolder and braver'.

Communication around boardroom table


The second theme is developing excellent 'Communication' skills. Many women sought help in being more visible as well as handling those inevitable tricky moments and difficult conversations. There is an identifiable need for women to 'find your voice', to let people know who you are, what is important to you and what you stand for.

We'll help you Communicate by giving you the confidence to raise your profile, to speak up with your authentic voice and have more impact.

Adults contributing at laptop


Many women do a great job but are reluctant to self promote or stand out from the crowd. The result is their 'Contribution', is overlooked, taken for granted, or unnoticed altogether. These issues are compounded for women when they are working part time or returning from maternity or other career break.

We'll help you to raise awareness of, and maximise your Contribution and more importantly let others know about it.

Female credibility


Finally, though by no means least, women want to develop more influence, 'gravitas 'or 'Credibility' with others. The need to have others believe in you, follow you and trust your judgment. This all links into confidence of course, if you don't believe in yourself then how do you expect others to believe in you?

We'll help you develop the Credibility to be noticed and promoted.


Career Savvy Women work with a large range businesses and organisations. Some of the organisations we have worked with are below.



The Law Society

The Law Society



Fourfront Group



Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser

Bangor University

Bangor University

OMD International

OMD International

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